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Braille Paper Rolls

Many of today’s high-speed production braille embossers use braille paper in roll format. Using rolls of paper is desirable because not only is it more cost effective than continuous and cut sheet options, but it allows for longer embossing intervals. The user doesn’t have to continuously load paper; instead the user installs the roll on the machine and lets the embosser do all of the work (brailling, cutting, and then stacking).

Standard, in-stock rolls have widths of either 8.5″, 9.5”, 11.5″ and 12.5”.

Should you need special width braille paper rolls, please contact us and we will gladly make it for you with fast turnaround times. We ship our braille paper rolls across the world, and can accommodate whichever size your machine requires.

Please call ATC for current price (800) 331-3676

Product Description

ATC & Braillo Take Pride In Their Braille Paper and Their Processes:

  • Paper rolls are created with the optimal thickness and weight, in order to withstand the stresses of braille embossing, and to ensure that the braille dots are of the correct height, shape and durability.
  • We care for our paper rolls by storing them in a temperature-controlled warehouse, rotating them frequently to ensure perfect form and quality up until the moment they’re processed.
  • All standard sizes and formats are in stock and ship the same day that they’re ordered.
  • We have the ability to supply customized options – color, size, and formats.
  • Our braille paper is packaged in heavy-duty double-walled boxes to help guarantee safe delivery.
  • Our braille paper walls ship on heavy-duty pallets and are safely wrapped.
  • We are experienced – over 30 years in the braille paper business and over 60 years in the blindness industry.
  • Our goal is simple: to develop and provide quality, affordable products to enrich the lives of the blind and visually impaired.