Due to new USPS weight limits and restrictions, we ask that all International customers call to place your orders to ensure accurate pricing and timely delivery. All International Free Matter shipments must be in boxes of 500 sheets, due to this new weight restriction.

Please Note: According to The Domestic Mail Manual Section E040 2.1/2.2: The ‘matter’ purchased must be for the use for writing by, or designed or adapted for use of a blind person, or other handicapped person.

Braille Paper, Brailon and Braille Labeling Material are the only American Thermoform Corporation (ATC) products allowed by the U.S. Post Office to ship via Free Matter. Insurance for items shipping within the U.S. via Free Matter is available. If insurance is not chosen, American Thermoform Corporation is not responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit. All goods are shipped F.O.B. La Verne, CA., U.S.A. Therefore, once these materials leave ATC’s facility, they are the customers’ property, and ATC must be compensated for the items shipped, regardless of the condition in which they are received. ATC ships Braille Paper, Brailon and Braille Labeling Material across the world via Free Matter for the Blind on a daily basis, and shipping issues rarely arise. If they do, however, and the customer did not insure the shipment, ATC Is not held responsible for any lost or damaged goods.

By choosing to purchase via Free Matter for the Blind, you accept and agree to these terms. Please contact us before you purchase these items should you have any questions.