Continuous Braille PaperThe majority of braille embossers use continuous braille paper (often referred to as tractor feed braille Paper / fanfold braille paper). This type of embossing is considered by many to be the most reliable and consistent method of brailling, as it minimizes errors associated with feeding paper into the embosser.

The continuous paper has .5” perforations on each side that align with the braille embosser. Once the paper is embossed, these .5” perforations are torn off from each side. The standard finished braille paper sizes (once you tear off the tractor feed edges) are 8.5×11” and 11×11.5”, respectively.

ATC & Braillo offer both sizes in either plain or 19 hole pre-punched formats. The binding holes are punched on the left side and are to be used with standard binding rings. Lastly, as this paper is continuous, the user must separate the individual sheets after being brailled. This is typically done by hand, or by using a burster.

Should you need special sizing (index cards, calendars, European, etc), or binding options, in most instances we are able to produce it in-house with extremely fast turn-around times.