ATC and Braillo are proud of their 30+ years of experience –longer than any other company– in selling the highest quality braille paper available.  Being the largest supplier of production braille embossers worldwide, we know what paper works best, and how to create a consistently high quality paper product.  Our paper handles the heavy demands of production embossing, and it is used in some of the largest braille production facilities in the world. Likewise, it also works exceptionally well to meet the lesser demands of smaller, personal-use braille embossers.

The following are a few of the reasons ATC and Braillo’s braille paper stands out from the others:

  • It is durable and allows for longer lasting braille dots.
  • It is consistent in color, texture and thickness order after order.
  • It does not cause excessive wear and tear on braille embossers.
  • It has clean perforations and hole punches.
  • It is a finished product that is both pleasing to the touch, and the eye.
  • ATC is experienced in all methods of packaging and shipping options.

Easy to order, fast to ship

We accepts orders via online, phone, fax or email.  Nearly all orders, provided they are received by 3pm on our normal business days, are processed and shipped the same day. We are capable of this fast turn-around time because we keep all of our standard, high quality paper in stock at all times, and each order is processed in-house.  Standard shipping methods are Free Matter for the Blind or UPS, however, we can ship via any preferred carrier or method; this includes air, sea and truck freight on pallets, in containers, and more.  To help prevent damage to the paper during shipping, we use specially designed, triple-walled cardboard boxes.

Trusted suppliers allows for a quality product

When making your decision to purchase braille paper, we recommend that you evaluate the following considerations: the mill in which the paper is manufactured; the paper specifications and materials; and how your finished product is processed.  Below is how we address each of these important considerations:

  • Mill – We developed a specially formulated braille paper in collaboration with one specific mill, in order to ensure consistency and top quality. This particular mill was carefully chosen for its state-of-the-art facility, environmentally sustainable practices and shared interest in producing a paper that is uniquely developed for brailling purposes – it’s not an off-the-shelf paper stock.  We are the first known example of a company who has exerted this exceptional effort in providing a braille paper product that is not only top quality but also consistent, because it is made in the same mill.
  • Specifications – Our Braille paper is acid free, dust free, and chlorine free. It was formulated to a highly specific thickness and weight, in order to withstand the stresses of braille embossing and to also ensure that the braille dots are of the correct height, shape and durability.  In addition to creating a quality braille paper product, using our braille paper will help prevent damage to an embosser, because using paper of too great a thickness or an excessively dusty paper can cause significant damage to a braille embosser.
  • Processing –When we receive rolls of paper from our mill, they arrive at our warehouse specially wrapped to withstand potential damage during shipment.  We then store these rolls in a temperature-controlled warehouse and organizes the rolls on their sides–as opposed to upright– to prevent any “flat spots”, which can be caused from improper stacking techniques.  When the braille paper is ready to be processed, a roll of our braille paper is run through a converting machine, thus taking it from roll format to continuous, tractor feed or cut sheet format.  Perforation blades and punches are changed often to guarantee clean edges and hole punches.  Lastly, we run the finished product through a vacuum system and then tests a sample of paper using an in-house burster and braille embosser, before the paper is boxed for shipment.

Braille Paper Pricing

We are able to deliver value and competitive pricing on its braille paper, because we manage the nuances of production, we buy in bulk, we have dependable relationships with our paper mill and suppliers, and we listen to our customers’ feedback and aim to meet their braille paper needs. Since 1962, we have pursued one primary goal: to develop and provide quality, affordable products to enrich the lives of the blind and visually impaired.

Customizable Options

We are able to offer customizable products, since all of our braille paper is processed in house.  Standard sizes are 8.5×11”, 11×11.5”, and A4, and standard punches are plain, 3 hole and 19 hole; however, we have the capability to provide a wide variety of different sizes and punches.  We’ve done index cards, calendar sheets, 9 hole punch, spiral punch, and many more.  Furthermore, we can provide our same high quality paper in different weights and colors, as well.  While there may be minimum quantity requirements for some custom orders, please contact us to get our thoughts and to find out what options are available.  With ATC and Braillo, you aren’t limited to standard, out-of-the-box products – we will work with you to create individualized products to meet your needs.